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Furan resin hand moulding technology is used in moulding and core-making. Melting takes place in modern and efficient medium frequency induction furnaces. In fettling we use a robot, besides the traditional manual methods.

If necessary, the products are heat-treated in our own furnaces (stress reliefing, ferritizing or perlitizing).  The austempering phase of the ADI material is sourced from domestic subcontractors.

Products can be spray-painted in the foundry using an epoxy primer, or the painting phase can be sourced from a neighboring subcontractor.

In addition to the traditional methods, the dimensional inspection of the products can be made by 3D measurement utilizing CAD data on the component. The NDT methods available are ultrasonic, liquid penetration and magnetic powder. Besides the chemical analysis, also the micro structure, hardness and physical properties can be tested.

Suomivalimo uses the certified management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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iron casting


Suomivalimo is a supplier of medium-heavy cast iron components, a reliable, flexible and local partner to its customers.

Offering of the foundry includes also engineering and casting design as well as machining and supply chain management.