A well designed and engineered cast component and casting process are requirements for high quality casting.

Product development  

Suomivalimo has good engineering capabilities and is pleased to design the products together with the customer during a product development project or when considering the possibility to change steel fabrication to cast components.

From the very beginning the component structure can be designed as optimal and cost-efficient as possible.

Cast design

Suomivalimo uses the SolidWorks 3D CAD programme for casting method and cast component design.

By simulating the casting process, perfect filling of casting cavities and solidification of casting can be forecast and optimized before any mould has been poured. Casting simulation also allows to test material properties, hardness and micro structure. For casting simulation, we use the Novaflow&Solid programme.

An example of casting solidification simulation 

The picture above illustrates a cast component and its feeding system (exothermic feeders) in solidification simulation, where 75% of the mould cavity volume is already solidified and only 25% of the volume is still in liquid state.

During the solidification phase, cast iron shrinks about 1-3%, which can result in porosity in the casting. In order to get a sound cast component, feeders and chills are used to control solidification in the desired way.

The picture above illustrates the cast component in the solidified state. Shrinkage porosity appears in feeders, but not inside the actual cast component. Feeders will be removed from the final component.  

Casting solidification simulation - video


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